Organic waste composting

The composting plant serves to recover the waste organic fraction through biological processes of decomposition, which enable to obtain excellent “compost” for agricultural and nursery uses.

Within the plants operating with Erica Srl, this type of service is organized into five main stages:

  • Waste reception and control
  • Grinding and mixing
  • Biological stage of fermentation and maturation
  • Final refining
  • Screening and separation of foreign and/or out-of-specification size materials

The composting core principle is to stabilize the waste organic fraction making use of natural fermentation processes. Reactions increase the temperature up to 60-70° C, guaranteeing in this way the high quality of the final product. Once finished the maturation process, new analytical controls are carried out to verify that the final product complies with what foreseen by the law for the production of fertilizing compost.