Packaging and separate collection

The separate collection system rests nowadays almost uniquely on the collaboration of citizens or of the staff present within industrial production sites, who are responsible for the separation into specific bins of the various recyclable materials.

Erica Srl relies on a widespread network of providers perfectly displaced on the territory, which is able to offer a high degree of separation and subsequent treatments of the materials; a high degree of recovery can indeed be achieved only through technologically advanced systems.

As far as those waste that can be assimilated to urban waste coming form industrial sites, volume adjustment and in particular selection operations are considerably easier. Within preliminary storage plants waste is ground, compacted through fixed or mobile stationary compactors, manually or mechanically separated and packed. The separated part is finally sent to the landfill or incinerator, while the recoverable part is sent to the various field industries.

As far as packaging is concerned, once appropriately reclaimed, the metal ones are sent to a steelworks while the plastic ones are only partly destined to recovery systems and finally the majority is ground and sent to incinerator.