Preliminary storage of hazardous and non-harzardous special and/or toxic-harmful waste

In order to provide an efficient service to the industry, Erica Srl includes among its providers hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and solid waste storage and treatment plants.

Serving numerous companies distributed on almost the entire national territory, Erica has established solid agreements with plants strategically distributed on the territory as to collect micro lots and direct them, once clustered, to the most suitable reclamation or disposal plant both from a technical and economic point of view.

The almost total adaptability and coverage form the point of view of the authorized EWC (European Waste Catalogue) codes of the single storage systems enables to accept almost all waste.

Such systems, in order to provide a wide range of solutions for the collection of various types of waste are linked with final disposal systems located both in Italy and abroad. In compliance with the law and with particular attention on the economic situation, Erica is able to organize the disposal both of waste and obsolete products with possibility of tax recovery.