Reuse of hazardous and non hazardous special waste

Certain types of hazardous and non-hazardous special waste, both in a liquid, solid and/or semi-solid state, are generally subjected to chemical, physical and biological treatments that allow their recovery and reuse.

Erica Srl has tried throughout the years to carry on this prerogative increasing its potentialities in terms of applied research and technologies, meticulously following at the same time the ever-changing law.

Here are some examples of recovery and reuse:

  • Solvents, varnishes, resins to be destined to the chemical industry as base for the production of varnishes;
  • Solid and/or muddy waste to be destined to the cement and/or brick industry.
  • Inorganic liquid waste for metal recovery or as additives;
  • Organic liquid waste for recovery as nutrients for biological systems.