Reclamation of polluted sites

Erica Srl carries out the reclamation of polluted sites through a technical infrastructure able to assess the degree of pollution of a certain site, design the best intervention and perform it maintaining the control on all parameters of interest in order to organize a reclamation plan for the appropriate disposal of the material.

According to the type of soil that needs to be reclaimed, it is important to design a specific project.

Here are the most commonly used techniques:

  • Removal of polluting materials, preliminary treatments to make them safe, placement inside the landfill.
  • In-site treatments: soil washing, soil venting, bio remediation, sieving, and filtration.
  • Off-site treatments: soils are removed and transferred to areas apt to the processing (even through mobile systems), treated and finally brought back to the original place.
  • Treatment, disposal and possible recovery of removed materials